How often can you donate sperm

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The sperm donation process is a lot more than just a quick way to make cash. In fact, the process is far from quick and that's one of many misconceptions about sperm donation and donor selection process. INSIDER spoke to Scott Brown, the vice president of communications at California Cryobank one of the largest frozen-tissue banks in the world , and Kim Kluger-Bell, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of " The Pea That Was Me ," a book dedicated to teaching donor-conceived kids about the way they came into the world to dispel the myths surrounding sperm donation. A lot of factors go into determining whether someone could be a good candidate for donation.
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Sperm donation laws by country

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Another sperm donor has produced 31 children, whilst 17 others have created at least 20 children, according to official HFEA figures. When this limit is reached, the sperm donor has to be retired and his sperm not used in treatment anymore. The number was set at 10 families only, based on the perceived social and psychological interests of donors and donor-conceived people in maintaining a relatively small number of children and donor siblings. The limit is also in place to minimise the possibility of two children from the same sperm donor having a relationship with each other, without knowing they are genetically related.
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16 myths about sperm donation you should stop believing

Sperm donation laws vary by country. Most countries have laws to cover sperm donations which, for example, place limits on how many children a sperm donor may give rise to, or which limit or prohibit the use of donor semen after the donor has died, or payment to sperm donors. Other laws may restrict use of donor sperm for in vitro fertilisation IVF treatment, which may itself be banned or restricted in some way, such as to married heterosexual couples, banning such treatment to single women or lesbian couples. Donated sperm may be used for insemination whether natural or artificial or as part of IVF treatment. Restrictions on sperm donations or the ability to obtain IVF treatment in some jurisdictions has given rise to women traveling to a country which does not impose restrictions in the circumstances in which they finds themselves to obtain such donations or treatments, in a practice called fertility tourism.
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Yes, you read that correctly. All this talk of sperm donations has left us with quite a few questions. So we asked experts what you were too embarrassed to ask yourself. Okay, wait. Could someone really father more than children via a sperm bank?
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